The Major Arcana in Depth
19. The Sun

The Sun, the nineteenth Major Arcana card, symbolizes vitality, growth, and abundance, emanating positivity, optimism, and warmth. It reminds us to embrace life's energy and recognize our boundless potential. The Sun encourages growth, success, and self-realization, highlighting our inner power to create a fulfilling future. By harnessing the Sun's energy, we can nurture our inner child, gain clarity, and confidently proceed with joy.

The imagery of the Sun card depicts a vibrant sun with a face, shining its rays down upon the world. The rays, often alternating between straight and wavy lines, represent the dynamic balance between the active and passive energies of life. The sun is a universal symbol of life and consciousness, as its light illuminates our world, nurtures growth, and sustains all living beings.

Below the sun, a naked child rides on the back of a white horse, symbolizing purity, innocence, and freedom. The child's nudity indicates the shedding of ego and societal constraints, and the embracing of one's true self. The horse, a symbol of strength and mobility, carries the child forward on their journey, embodying the idea of progress and movement towards a brighter future. The child holds a red flag in their hand, which represents the passion and enthusiasm that should guide our actions.

In the background of the card, a garden of sunflowers is shown, each turning their faces towards the sun. This represents the natural inclination of all living things to seek out the light and grow towards it. The sunflowers also signify abundance, as they provide nourishment and sustenance for both humans and animals alike.

The Sun card, when drawn in a reading, is an encouraging sign of success, happiness, and fulfillment. It urges the querent to embrace their inner child and rediscover the joy and wonder that life has to offer. By doing so, they can shed the burdens of the past and move forward with a renewed sense of optimism and self-confidence.

The Sun also represents clarity and illumination, shining its light on the shadows and revealing hidden truths. As such, it can serve as a reminder to seek out knowledge and wisdom in order to gain a deeper understanding of the self and the world around us.

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