The Major Arcana in Depth
14. Temperance

Temperance, the fourteenth Major Arcana card, symbolizes balance, harmony, and moderation. It emphasizes the importance of finding the middle ground, cultivating inner peace, and seeking a sense of wholeness in one's life. Temperance serves as a reminder to maintain equilibrium, embrace the full spectrum of human experience, and integrate the various aspects of one's being for personal growth and spiritual development.

The imagery of Temperance symbolizes the power of balance and the importance of maintaining harmony in all aspects of life. The central figure is typically portrayed as an angelic or androgynous figure, standing near a body of water or a lush landscape. The figure is often shown with one foot on land and the other in water, symbolizing the balance between the material and spiritual realms, as well as the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind.

In the figure's hands, two vessels or cups are often depicted, with water or another liquid being poured from one vessel to the other. This act of pouring symbolizes the blending of opposites, the process of alchemy, and the importance of finding balance and harmony in one's thoughts, emotions, and actions. The presence of the vessels also alludes to the idea that true wisdom and spiritual growth can only be achieved by embracing the full spectrum of human experience and finding a sense of equilibrium within oneself.

The background of the card may depict a serene landscape, a rainbow, or a celestial scene, symbolizing the harmony and balance that can be achieved by integrating the various aspects of one's life and embracing a holistic approach to personal growth and development.

When Temperance appears in a Tarot reading, it often signifies the need for balance, harmony, and moderation in one's life. This card encourages the querent to find the middle ground, cultivate inner peace, and seek a sense of wholeness by integrating the different aspects of their being. Temperance also serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a balanced perspective and approaching life with a sense of equilibrium.

In some readings, Temperance may represent a situation in which the individual needs to practice patience, compromise, or adaptability in order to achieve their goals or maintain harmony in their relationships. The card can also symbolize the process of personal growth and spiritual development, as well as the need to embrace the full spectrum of human experience in order to find a sense of balance and wholeness within oneself.

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