The Major Arcana in Depth
16. The Tower

The Tower represents sudden upheaval, transformation, and revelation. It is an enigmatic card, both feared and respected, as it usually heralds significant change and disruption. The image depicted on the card is of a tall, imposing tower being struck by lightning, with flames consuming the structure and people falling from the building.

The tower itself is a symbol of arrogance, false beliefs, and illusions. It is a metaphor for structures and systems that have been built on weak foundations, whether they be personal beliefs, relationships, or institutions. The lightning bolt that strikes the tower signifies a sudden, divine force bringing about the necessary destruction of these unstable structures. The fire represents purification and transformation, while the falling figures symbolize the shattering of illusions and the release of old patterns.

This card serves as a reminder that change, although often uncomfortable and unexpected, can lead to growth and renewal. When the Tower appears in a reading, it may indicate that the querent is going through a period of significant upheaval, which could be in their personal or professional life. The card suggests that they may need to examine the foundations upon which they have built their life and be prepared to let go of any false beliefs or illusions that no longer serve them.

The Tower card also holds a deeper spiritual message, encouraging individuals to confront their own inner truth and break free from self-imposed limitations. It urges the querent to embrace the power of transformation, as difficult as it may be, and to trust that it will ultimately lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

When the Tower appears in a reading, it may signify significant change and disruption, but it ultimately serves as a catalyst for personal and spiritual evolution. By embracing the challenges and revelations that the Tower brings, the querent has the opportunity to build a more authentic, fulfilling life based on a solid foundation. Although it can be intimidating, it is a card that encourages growth and the dismantling of illusions.

As a card of revelation, the Tower suggests that hidden aspects of oneself or the situation may come to light, forcing the querent to confront uncomfortable truths. This can lead to a sense of liberation, as the individual is given the opportunity to shed old patterns and create a new, more stable foundation for the future.

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